Saturday, March 3, 2012

In like a lion/out like a lamb

But I can't tell what you would describe the weather right here in my neck of the woods starting with March 1.  It's hot, it's cool, it's rainy, balmy...not sure.  Perhaps it's in like a honey badger?!  But what does that mean it will go out like?

And to quote Andy Cohen from Watch What Happens Live...Here's what I'm obsessed about this weekend:

1.  What's my zombie apocolypse plan; and
       We are in the heart of RTP and if it's true that zombies will be created as a result of a virus--aren't we truly in the heart of where it will start with all the biotech shops around?  A waitress responded interestingly enough the other day.  They had discussed this while she was at college at Appalachian State and her plan was based on being in Boone.  Now that she's here in the RTP--there's alot more people and she needs to reevaluate her thought.  OK, so noone is saying that it's going to happen this week--but it's better to be safe than sorry!
2.  Where do we go in the event of a tornado?
     No basement, no bomb shelter, no panic room...what's a girl to do in the event of a tornado in a Martha Stewart home that has no real internal rooms with support.  Both bathrooms are on external walls and Jared's is the only one with a tub (hold off the big wind until I can disinfect the teen-cooties!) and ours is just a shower with a glass doors.  We have a sleep number bed and it would be more than a waste of time to try to hunker down under the "mattress" of it.  John suggested that we figure out where the nearest overpass is so that we could drive there.  However, with as loud as they play there XM radio stations...there's no way they'd ever hear the storm coming and as sound as Jared sleeps, there's no way of getting him up and out in the event of emergency.

  OK, now that I have raised my anxiety level again, it's time have a cup of coffee and work up a new plan for both!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Au Revoir, Mon Ami!

As I prepare to say good bye to bestie who is moving away, I feel sad and somewhat bewildered.  Then I think to the sage advise that we discussed together about her daughter who is now realizing that the move is quickly approaching and becoming very distressed.  "Spend time with your friends, create memories, and that you aren't losing anything -- your friends will still be there by email, phone, FB, texting, and skype...and you can always visit!"  I guess if we can give that advice to a teenager, we need to be able to give it to ourselves!

It's just seems though as you get older and more set in your ways, making friends isn't as easy as it used to be and you don't necessarily come into contact with as many people to increase your chances of meeting  just that right person with whom it just clicks and they get you!

So the teenager in this case is right..."This just sucks!"  But we will spend time together before the Departure day and then we will continue to email, phone, FB, text, skype and plan the visits!  And of course, we will have our memories (and there are some doozies!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't be harshing my mellow!

Tried out "Gentle Yoga" today at Triangle Yoga and Pilates with Claire and really enjoyed it!

I won't make any excuses that I couldn't work out for the past 2 years...especially when there are those warriors among us that run marathons during chemo or win Iron Man challenges right after.  Wasn't one of those chickeroos in the first place, not ever planning on being one now.  But, I decided to get back to being me and I'll do it at my own pace and be feeling good about myself as I do it.

And let's face it, getting there early and taking up a space in the back let's you watch all the youngsters that are fit and limber getting into all those poses that really only Gumby should be able to do and I have that inner warmth and glow of the fact (and mantra) of "just wait "til you have kids--Then let's see what pretzels you get yourself into!"  and I went on and did what I could do, knowing that each week, I'll be able to do a bit more and be better at it at my own pace.

As I left, the woman at the reception desk (who looked very familiar to me when I went in) looked at me and said that she recognized me too!  Turns out she is Billy Jo Herr from Lancaster, PA--knew her from Girl Scouts and her work on City Council!  Had a great trip down memory lane chatting about Market and peeps in Lancaster!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Complimenting Blogging

For daily musings on food, fun tidbits and such, check out  She be sure to post a notice there when she comes up with an exceptional recipe, rant or revelation!

How do I know Michelle?  From way back (my mother would remember better than I) but I still have the charm she gave me for my birthday when I got my charm bracelet.  In fact, I got the charm and my mother hadn't yet given me the bracelet at the party...oops, the cat was out of the bag!

Lesson learned--coordination/communication is key to surprises!  (and of course--treasure the surprises life sends your way!)

Took The Plunge...

We've heard about blogging, talked about doing a blog, well with the new year and a bit of a push...finally took the plunge--not a Polar Bear Plunge cause that would just be too freakin' cold and while I may have done it once or twice in my younger years, I'm wiser now. No, I'm talking about pulling the trigger and starting a blog.

Forgive me my ignorance as I begin, but join me on this journey to see where it goes.  Once you jump into uncharted waters--you never know where it may lead!